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The Man the Sea Saw

Beautiful imagery, wonderfully playful, poignant, funny 

- Daily Telegraph, Sydney

In 2011, SpoonTree premiered Wolfe Bowart’s production The Man the Sea Saw. Wrapped in a dazzling icicle-clad set that unfolds like a surreal pop-up book, this tender, touching adventure finds the calm harbour between acrobatic suspense, extreme hilarity and poignant themes of family, loss and love.


The production garnered rave reviews from critics and became an audience favourite at the 2011 Sydney Children’s Festival, where children and adults alike were swept up in the story of a man adrift at sea, discovering the real meaning of home. ​ In 2011, the Australia Council for the Arts awarded SpoonTree its third Playing Australia grant to facilitate a national Australian tour of The Man the Sea Saw. The tour concluded with a season at Perth’s Awesome Festival, where Bowart performed at His Majesty’s Theatre and attracted the largest audiences in the festival’s history.


 In 2013, The Man the Sea Saw premiered in New Zealand during a 22-show season at the Wellington Opera House as part of Capital E’s National Arts Festival. In 2014, SpoonTree was awarded a Going Global grant by the Australia Council for the Arts to facilitate a 7-city tour of China and South Korea. ​

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Awards and Nominations

Awarded, Playing Australia grant 2011

Nominated, Helpmann Award,

Best Physical/Visual Theatre Production 2012

Finalist, Australian Arts in Asia Awards 2013

Awarded, Going Global grant 2014



Beautiful imagery, wonderfully playful, poignant, funny

Daily Telegraph, Sydney

Bowart acts wordlessly but with boundless expression, his silent movie-actor’s

face, acrobat’s body and magician’s hands telling us all we need to know about the

sweet sadness of a lost man finally abandoning himself and his dreams to the


The West Australian, Perth



National tour (26 venues, 15 weeks) 2011

Sydney Children’s Festival,

Seymour Centre, Sydney 2011

Awesome Festival,

His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth 2011

Hong Kong

Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre 2012

Tai Po Civic Centre 2012


New Zealand

Wellington Opera House,

Capital E National Arts Festival 2013



Shanghai Centre Theatre 2014

Suzhou Culture & Arts Centre 2014

Xuzhou Concert Hall 2014

Dezhou Grand Theatre 2014

Hangzhou Theatre 2014

South Korea

Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center 2014

Incheon Culture & Arts Center 2014

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