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CLOUDSOUP title.png

by Wolfe Bowart

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The new production from renowned physical theatre performer Wolfe Bowart, Cloud Soup tells the story of a tailor who discovers that the adventure he longs for lies at his feet – in his pile of laundry. The tailor’s humble shop becomes an undiscovered world as fabrics magically morph, found objects transform into curious beings and puffs of steam remind us of a time when we saw faces in the clouds. Wear mismatched socks, put your shoes on the wrong feet, turn your shirt inside out and you’ll be perfectly dressed for Cloud Soup.



I stand in awe because of [Wolfe’s] many skills, it is nothing short of mesmerising, captivating, compelling, engaging, delightful. It is nothing short of brilliant.

- Soon Heng: BM RADIO


Watching Wolfe Bowart in Cloud Soup was like watching Pablo Picasso’s “Bather with Beach Ball” and George Braque’s “Still Life: Le Jour” paintings come to life. His performance took me on a visual sensory rollercoaster ride from multiple vantage points where he deconstructed and reconstructed himself with inanimate objects, bringing them to life in a story in such a whimsical manner. A story with which we all can resonate, whether it be in abstract or literal point of view. The accompanying music was familiar, where it triggered associated emotions of mine, but also it suggested new reference of understanding through his play of shadows and compositions. Behind Bowart’s humorous and captivating performance, I felt there was a strong fundamental message that he sought to evoke. Something that is so often overlooked in this fast paced world of ours today, that is for us to stop and smell the roses and that every cloud has a silver lining; or safe to say that every cloud there is a bowl of soup to it.

- mizashaid

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